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Three Little Egrets have been living in the Holtby area during the last few months. They are probably young birds which are a member of the Heron family. They became extinct in Great Britain in the 19th century, but are returning to Great Britain due to our milder winters. They recolonised the South of France in the 1930’s after a long absence and steadily progressed north until they started breeding around the Brittany coast in the 1980s.

Many young birds crossed the channel after that; in 1996 they began nesting in the Poole Harbour area, they are now making their way further north.

They are a striking looking white bird with lacy plumes on the back of their crown, breast and mantle when in breeding plumage.

It was their beauty that almost led to total extinction in the 19th century when up to 200 million a year were estimated to have been shot or snared to satisfy the demand from the fashion houses in London, New York and Paris for the plumes or aigrettes, for ladies hats.

The Society for the Protection of Birds, later the RSPB was specifically formed in 1889 to stop this slaughter of wild birds.

Judith Heels

Holtby Trader - No Fool

You won’t be surprised to hear that the Trader will not be taking place in April. Nor, indeed, for the foreseeable future

So there’ll be no Fairtrade products, Local produce and goods, Refreshments or Quiz.

However, negotiations are in place to secure a contract for the printing in the Grapevine each month of a quiz of the same high quality we have become accustomed to. Prizes will remain at the same level, and given the amount of extra leisure most of us will be enjoying, a much higher level of correct answers will be expected.

And no Google cheating.

Cancelled Events in Holtby :

Children’s Easter Craft Afternoon, 6 April

Holtby Prize Draw

The winner of March’s Prize Draw was Martin Dryer.  No. 89.